Local 798 Education

12341200_10206774592337457_3531197614944102332_nI am pleased to announce that I will be teaching classes on the joining the union in the new year.  If you are curious about how to apply, get in, interview, how to network, how to start, etc. these two classes are covering it all!  The first one is a webinar hosted by Erica Carr on January 25th, that you can take from anywhere with a computer.  I am co-teaching this one with two other extremely talented and seasoned union members, Christopher Milone and Kimberley Jones.  I will be covering my very recent journey of joining and they will be talking about their years of experience once you get in.  Personally, I am very excited to hear their stories and advice.


On Thursday Feburary 25th, I will be teaching in person at Alcone Cosmetics.

545 49th Ave · (718) 361-8373

We will be talking through the application process and interview logistics as well as things to know as you navigate film as a non union artist gaining your credentials.  I will show my portfolio that I brought to my interview and I will also be doing a film makeup/facial hair demo during this class. Any question you have, we will cover at this workshop.