This is not your mom’s makeup bag….

I have been busy as a bee the last few months teaching and applying makeup all over NYC and the one thing that I find myself repeating over and over to women of all ages is to not be afraid of foundation or powder or lipstick.  “This is not your mom’s makeup!”  I mean no offense to moms everywhere; after all many fashionable mom’s teach their daughters how to first apply makeup and they are totally correct in their technique and approach. What I’m talking about are the new technologies in makeup and how they have changed.  You wouldn’t assume that I’m going to pull out a car phone the size of a a brick when I go to grab my cell out of my purse, and you shouldn’t assume that when I say foundation that I am talking about a “Pancake” makeup from a Universal Studios silent film in the 1920’s.  The evolution of makeup technology has adapted, just like everything else, as times and needs change.

**Helpful Hint**-If you see someone on public transit with a face full of foundation that looks like “Pancake” they are doing it wrong.  They are using too much, or not applying right, or it is the wrong color for their skin, or (gasp!) all of the above.  Or they are indeed using a pancake makeup they found in the back of someone’s attic from the 1920’s.  When makeup is done right, you never notice it!

(Back to the plot) “Pancake” makeup was invented by Max Factor to be used in silent, black and white movies to enhance the actors features under the lights for the big screen.  It was adapted from theatrical grease paint and it would be really hard to find this anywhere for sale nowadays.  (If you happen to come across it, I would love some for my birthday! ….Just kidding.)  This turned into foundation, which has undergone an extreme change even in the last 20 years.  (I can’t imagine what it was like from the 30’s till the 70’s, but I am trying to find out).  I do know that in my lifetime, we have seen a progression from the super matte texture of the 90’s, where everything was laid on very opaque and full coverage to now, where we are catering to “natural” and HD film technology.  Our options are endless as far as texture, weight, and application are concerned and thus we have the ability to make our ‘canvas’ look like anything we want.  This not only applies to foundation, but to all categories of makeup products.  The makeup of “Today” is beautiful, seamless, and radiant where skin looks like skin and you’re beautiful features shine through.  That is what makes ‘good’ makeup NOW.  End of story.