Fall makeup and what it means to me…..

Fall is coming.  I know this because of two things and neither are a drop in temperature.  One, there are more and more “back to school” ads everywhere I look telling me to buy denim, pencil holders, and trapper keepers.  Two, all the makeup counters are rolling out their fall looks on counter.  I love fall makeup.  It is my favorite season for color and every year I look forward to dusting off all my matte shadows and deep, sumptuous lip colors.  Nothing says fall like a perfect red lip stick, or a plum blush.  This fall, like many that have come before, is all about musky plums and soft greys.  Winged eyeliner is everywhere, the more graphic the better.  Sixties references abound.  Right now I am staring at a certain “W” magazine with a stunning bardot like young actress on the cover and the truth is that I have been staring at it for a week.  This featured young thing is normally a bit awkward, grungy, and modern, but with this Barbarell-ian makeover, she has turned into a sexy, powerful, pin-up kitten.  WOW!  This season is all about transformation.  We see celebrities do it all the time.  And yes, with the help of personal trainers and delivered meals, we too could all look that fabulous.  But the awesome truth is that sometimes, we don’t even have to go that far to feel glamourous or sexy or just all-in-all better about facing the day.  A new lipstick can bring confidence.  A little proper contour can be so slimming, you forget that last week you couldn’t drag yourself to the gym.  I mean it.  I know it’s silly, but sometimes the littlest upgrade to your makeup routine can make you feel like a whole new woman or man.  So I challenge you all this fall to do something different.  Try a new lipstick color!  Try replicating a liner you see in an ad!  If you have trouble deciding what’s for you, tear out some photos of things that catch your eye, and take them to your trusted makeup counter.  Trust me, we artists love to show people something new when they have a specific idea of what they are trying to learn.  Be bold, Be fearless, and stop using that same thing you’ve had in your drawer since high school.   Makeup’s come a long way baby and I encourage you to jump into fall with an open mind and a love of all the possibilities that you can be!