7 Brides in 7 Weekends

Yes, you read that correctly.  I did 7 weddings in 7 weeks over June and July,  which I think pretty much sets a record for me.  I don’t even consider myself a “wedding makeup artist”, nor do I advertise as such, but word gets around and I really do enjoy being a part of that special day.  Due to recommendations and industry referral, I had the pleasure of making 7 women and their bridal parties look and feel glamorous as they walked down the aisle and into their future.  Kind of hokey I know, but I can’t help being a romantic at heart.  I also have been busy working on two new test shoots and a TV commercial for Miller Lite/ESPN, that should air in about three weeks.  Who knew that making boys look sweat free for 13 hours as they danced outside in sweatshirts in 80+ degree weather would be so exhausting?  Four paper towel rolls and a lot of powder later, we wrapped and I went home to sleep for 11 hours.  As for the test shoots, fingers crossed those photos will be up to par and on my site within the next few months.  One never knows how these things will come out.  I hope the reality is as good as my imagination.