Bridal fashion week, IMATS, and Liza Minelli

It’s been one hell of a few weeks in the freelance world!    It started with doing makeup for the Rivini Show for bridal fashion week.  The look was an ethereal silver winged out liner, beautiful skin, and glossy nude lip designed by key artist Gina Bettelli.  This look really complimented the stunningly gorgeous dresses that floated down the runway.  (My favorite part, was a sign on the wall backstage reminding the girls to “SMIZE” on the catwalk.)


At the IMATS, not only did I get to buy all kind of do-dads and wing-dings for my ever expanding makeup kit, but I was lucky enough to catch demos and workshops that really proved inspirational.  It was just one more reminder, that no matter what I think I know, there is always more to learn.  London based artist Lan Nguyen created the look pictured below and I also got to see the SNL makeup team execute a flawless bald cap in 9 minutes!  I didn’t even know that was possible.  SO good.

Which brings me to the most exciting thing that happened in the last few  months.  I showed up for what was otherwise just an average makeup booking for video interview touch-ups, only to discover that my subject was none other than the great Liza Minelli.  You heard me right, my brushes and hands got to touch the face of a performing icon.  I can’t believe it.  The whole time she was speaking, I couldn’t stop singing in my head “Life is a Cabaret.”  Yes, it surely is!  (Sorry to geek out, but I just had to talk about it.)