Does this eyeshadow make my A** look fat?

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to welcome you to my new blog.  In the best possible circumstance, this will be read by you and hopefully shed some light on the things that are troublesome for the average consumer shopping for makeup.  There are tips and helpful hints galore in magazines for women looking for the perfect haircut, or jeans, or LBD, but not much in the way of how to select makeup for your specific needs or how to communicate with the artist at counter to make the most of your interaction.  Also, a lot of what appears in the media is less about you finding the perfect product to meet your needs, but more about the selling of “new” products that are coming out each season.  (Don’t believe me?  Notice how every time an item starts popping up in magazines as the “new must have” in makeup or the “better” blush/eyeshadow/lipstick, that same product appears on counters for sale everywhere.  News Flash, red lipstick does not go in and out of fashion.  Neither does creme blush.  Some people like it, some don’t.  Both are always available, but magazines will constantly recommend them as new items for older/younger/trendier/conservative types.” More on those specific items later.)

If I have my way, never again will you walk into a makeup store overwhelmed by all the choices and intimidated by the people working behind the counter.  It does take time and a little patience to gain this confidence in makeup shopping but all will be revealed as we talk about the different parts that make up a flawless face in the coming blog entries.  Having had experience, both on the job as well as working in retail, I figured I could help demystify this whole process step by step.  Sales people are getting more and more training on how to make the shopping experience the most rewarding for the customer, but all of that is useless unless the customer has some idea of how to steer the ship.  So here we go, first things first……..


What on earth is makeup for???

I know this may seem really basic, but I feel like many women have a misconception about what makeup “looks like” when done correctly and don’t realize that what you see in print, in movies, and on the red carpet ain’t  your grandma’s foundation anymore.    In the best possible circumstance, makeup makes you feel like to best “You” there is.  Whether that be glamorous on a night out or just ready to take on the work day.  Makeup can make you walk a little taller, flirt a little longer, get that job you’ve been after, or just simply pick you up.  It should be fun.  Forget words like pancake, base, winter/spring/summer/fall.  Makeup can be used for the most basic color correction to achieve a natural skin like “no makeup” appearance or to create a highly stylized, theatrical, cirque de soliel application.  There is no right or wrong in choosing what you like; it’s all about comfortability, knowing your audience/environment, and personalization.  If you try on a dress, but it’s too short, too colorful, or itchy (no matter what the saleslady or your best friend says) it’s not the dress for you.  It might look great on you from an outside perspective, but if you don’t feel like a million bucks wearing it and you can’t stop fidgeting, the dress will never feel right.  That being said, going outside of your comfort zone and experimenting can lead to discovery and excitement.  The first time you put on heels, they may not have been that comfortable.  You may have had to get used to them.  Maybe you started with a kitten heel.  The same goes for a bold shade of lipstick or eye liner.  There are many different textures and application techniques.  You can start out small or lightly with something different than your usual go-to.  A collegue of mine said it best, “Wear your makeup, don’t let it wear you.”  You control how it looks in the end.  Everything can be slightly altered depending on the products you use alongside it.  Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to try something new.  It’s just makeup.  It can be gone with the swipe of  makeup remover.